Dariusz Swiercz: The Modernized Ruy Lopez - Vol. 1

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That challenge is now solved by Grand Master Dariusz Swiercz with the book you have just opened. I have known Dariusz for several years since we both immigrated to the United States. As colleagues and friends, I have become acquainted with his high-quality chess preparation. His opening ideas, always backed up by thorough analysis with trusted engines, are original and sound. Dariusz has used that principled approach to cover all variations of the Ruy Lopez. His dedication to providing you a quality guidance has been very impressive in this book. He does not shy away from complications or from sharing his own novelties. In critical positions, he explains very well the ideas and plans for both sides, which should help you gain a deeper understanding of the system beyond memorization of the moves.

The Ruy Lopez is such a classic opening that never gets old. Regardless of what you already knew about this opening, there are always new ideas to be found and tested over the board. That is why this book is beneficial to chess players and enthusiasts at all levels, including top Grand Masters like myself. Reading the first volume of this book has been inspiring, as I feel that I have broadened my chess knowledge in certain variations. I am eagerly waiting to try Dariusz’s solid recommendations in my future games, and I look forward to the second volume of his series. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Ruy Lopez.

Le Quang Liem Grand Master, former World Blitz Champion Saint Louis, August 2020


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