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Artikel-Nr.: SBSCQUSCTE2

Das 1. Schachbuch ab 18 Jahren!

Nach dem großen Erfolg von Band 1 wurden die Quixotischen Schacheröffnungen nun auf den Index der jugendgefährdeten Schriften gesetzt. Direkt hinter dem frivolen Kochbuch "Hühnerbrust zum Anfassen“, aber noch vor dem pfälzer Gruselkrimi "Gemetzel in der Worschtküch`“.

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More opening outrage and mayhem! The author of the 2017 groundbreaking study The Elshad System once again defies the principles of opening play - this time from White’s side of the board with 1.c3, 2.Qa4, and a quick advance of the kingside pawns.

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Opening Hacker Files Vol. 8

Is the Grob/Basman a con artist's bogus-operandi, or is the line actually sound? The truthful answer is that the opening is a bit of both! And we can call 1 g4 a "good opening," the same way a mob member calls a hitman colleague "a stand-up guy." The engine already prefers Black's chances after 1.g4, so nobody can honestly claim it is White's optimal first move from an empirical standpoint. But is it refuted? The answer is "no," and what we nearly always get is a disorienting mess by the early middlegame

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