B70-Sizilianisch (Drachenvariante)

B70-Sizilianisch (Drachenvariante)

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A Solid but Dynamic Chess Opening Choice for White.

The Sicilian Dragon is a famous chess opening and is popular with players of all levels.

The main lines often lead to ultra-sharp positions in which both players attack their opponent’s king.

Seemingly inconsequential mistakes may punished severely, and a good knowledge of the theory and strategies is absolutely vital for success.

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Everyman Chess , 2008

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In The Fighting Dragon, NM Paul Powell uses a carefully selected collection of short games from international play to show the dangers that lurk for White in one of the sharpest lines from the whole Sicilian complex, the Yugoslav Attack.

What?s the best way to start learning a new opening? You can either fill your head with masses of variations and then try to keep it all straight at the chessboard, or you can absorb key patterns and themes that crop up over and over again in your chosen variation.

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