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Analyzing the Chess Mind is an exploration of psychology in chess. Psychology affects the chess moves we make, as the authors entertainingly illustrate in expertly annotated examples, but our personal chess psychology is not fixed. We can improve our chess psychology, and the authors show how.

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2345 Schachprobleme

Der Informator-Verlag hat 1997 seine bekannte Serie der Enzyklopädien um einen Band über den Spezialbereich Problemschach ergänzt. Das viele Jahre vergriffene Werk wurde nun nachgedruckt. Enthalten sind 2.345 Probleme mit Forderungen von zwei bis fünf Zügen, unterteilt in vier entsprechende Kapitel. Nicht vertreten sind Randgebiete wie Selbst-, Hilfs- oder Märchenschach.

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A Memoir of Players, Games and Engines

Larry Kaufman can safely be called an exceptional chess grandmaster

Larry Kaufman started out as a prodigy, however not in chess but as a whizz kid in science and math. He excels at shogi (Japanese chess) and Go, and is also a world-famous computer programmer and a highly successful option trader. Remarkably, as a chess player he only peaked at the weirdly late age of fifty.

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Artikel-Nr.: SBStew The will to win


In chess, more than in any other game, battles are won and lost in the mind. US National Master William Stewart is convinced that a positive attitude is crucial if you want to develop and achieve success as a chess player, and in this book he focuses on the vital subject of chess psychology.

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