Konstantin Sakaev: Complete Slav II

Konstantin Sakaev: Complete Slav II

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There are plenty of openings books in where not the most important lines are covered – this leads to a creation of plenty unnecessary variations – the book starts to be `wishy-washy´. In such situations I have decided to only describe why this or other move does not deserve to be examined deeply. Thanks to such a way of thinking this elaboration did not lose its quality and in my opinion it is even easier to find a relevant recommendation.
All of presented variations are analyzed on the same level as those described in the first part of whole elaboration.


Inhalt :

7 Key to symbols

9 Preface

11 Part 1 Variations 4...dxc4

113 Part 2 Variations 5.Qb3; 5.g3

123 Part 3 Variation 4.Nc3 e6 5.e3 Nbd7 6. Ld3

129 Part 4 Meran

161 Part 5 Classic Meran

191 Part 6 Meran 8...a6

205 Part 7 Anti-Meran

233 Part 8 Rare Botvinnik variations

241 Part 9 Botvinnik Variation

269 Part 10 Moscow Variation

291 Part 11 Anti-Moscow Variation


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