Efstratios Grivas: Your Jungle Guide to Rook Endings


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He also has won 5 Balkan Medals (2 Gold - 1 Silver - 2 Bronze) and he was 3 times winner of the International 'Acropolis' Tournament. He has also in his credits 28 times first place in the Greek Individual & Team Championships and he has won various international tournaments as well, He was also awarded 5 FIDE Medals in the annual FIDE Awards (Winner of the FIDE Boleslavsky Medal2009 & 2015, "best author" - Winner ofthe FIDE Euwe Medal 2011 & 2012, "best junior trainer" - Winner of the FIDE Razuvaev Medal 2014, "trainers' education") and has been a professionallecturer at the FIDE Seminars for Training & Certifying Trainers. He has written 95 books in different languages such as Arabic, English, Greek, Italian, Spanish & Turkish. Since 2009 he has been the Secretary ofthe FIDE Trainers' Commission and since 2012 the Director of the FIDE Grivas Chess International Academy (Athens).

Rook endgames are the most complicated area of chess. This fascinating book presents a handy and clearly written guide. The author advocates adherence to some basic laws of rook endgames. This book is aimed at players of all strenghts or any trainer in search of the needed rook endgame finesses, an often overlooked and undervalued topic.


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