Sergey Kasparov: The Knight

Sergey Kasparov: The Knight


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Topics include:

  • The Knight in the Endgame
  • The Knight in the French Defense
  • The Knight in the Rossolimo System
  • The Knight in the Benkö Gambit
  • The "Spanish" Knight
  • The Knight on the Attack
  • The Knight in Defense
  • The Cavalry Retreats
  • The Knight on an Outpost
  • A Knight on the Rim
  • The Kamikaze Knight
  • Knight versus Pawns
  • Knight versus Bishop
  • Knight against Rook.

Popular chess author Sergey Kasparov is known for his entertaining writing style. His books are always instructive and insightful. Books previously published include The Exchange Sacrifice, The Bishop: Danger on the Diagonal, A Cunning Chess Opening for Black, Steamrolling the Sicilian and Doubled Pawns.


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