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  • GM Ivan Sokolov - Top seeds in Qatar and Gibraltar: where chess royalty meets mere mortals
  • GM Dragan Solak - You are told to protect your king at all times. but is it time for a rethink?
  • GM Emanuel Berg - Is the queen really a bad blockader in the Winawer French?
  • GM Karsten Mueller - London Classic: The Berlin and other endgames...
  • World Cup revisited: GM S. P. Sethuraman and GM Bassem Amin

CI Labs:

  • English Opening A22 by GM Aleksander Delchev
  • Scandinavian Defence B01 by GM Spyridon Kapnisis
  • Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack C89 by GM Milos Pavlovic
  • Gruenfeld Defence D97 by GM Aleksander MistaGames, Combinations, Endings, Studies, Tournaments...


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