David Bronstein Tom Fürstenberg : THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE


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In this modern chess classic David Bronstein, one of the greatest chess artists of all time, shares his insights in his wonderful games - 237 of them played between 1938 and 1996 - a career spanning 58 years.

Bronstein was famous for the joy he derived from teach­ing the game to amateurs and children, and this spirit permeates his writings. His explanations and analyses are invariably lively and easy to understand for players of all levels who want to improve their chess.

David Bronstein's achievements and his legendary crea­tivity have ensured him a unique position in chess his­tory. He drew a match for the World Championship (which made him, in Dr Max Euwe's words, 'co-World Champion'), won the incredibly strong Soviet Champion­ship twice, collected four Olympic gold medals, and took first place in numerous international tournaments.

This revised and expanded edition, published two years after Bronstein passed away, contains a lot of new material and two moving In Memoriams, one by Bronstein's widow Tatiana Boleslavskaya and one by his co-author and friend Tom Fürstenberg. Furthermore, 32 pages of unique photographs have been included, as well as extensive new articles by Bronstein himself.

This unconventional book is a fitting homage to one of the eternal chess greats, fascinating and rich in ideas, and written with contagious enthusiasm.


384 Seiten, gebunden, New in Chess, 2. Auflage 2009, Erstauflage 1995


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