Jesus de la Villa, Max Illingwort : Dismantling the Sicilian

Jesus de la Villa, Max Illingwort : Dismantling the Sicilian


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It has been difficult for White to obtain any advantage in Sicilian sidelines, and this book therefore presents a complete repertoire for White in the most important main lines: the Open Sicilians with 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3. Each variation is presented with its main ideas, its typical tactics and strategies, and with instructive games. The authors always summarize the most important features.


Australian GM Max Illingworth has completely reworked, updated and extended Jesus de la Villa's 2009 Dismantling the Sicilian .

This new edition has just arrived from the printers and includes important changes in the basic framework of the repertoire and presents lots of new ideas and hundreds of novelties .

Illingworth offers as much original material as possible and believes in playing the best moves against everything: "That may seem like a lot more work, but my experience suggests the opposite."

"I've noticed on online chess forums and blogs that readers desire clear explanations of ideas and lament getting bogged down in swathes of variations most of which they are unlikely to face over the board", says Illingworth in his introduction. "This book doesn't skimp on detail either, but I have divided each chapter into a 'theoretical overview' section and an 'illustrative games' section, so you may play the repertoire successfully without needing to read cover-to-cover."

Particularly interesting is Chapter 17: What others recommend... and why I disagree .

One thing is clear: settling for natural developing moves is not good enough against the vast majority of lines in this repertoire. If Black does that, White's opening advantage will easily increase.

"I'm confident that the basic repertoire, and the understanding you will acquire from my explanations, will be a strong framework for your continued success playing the Open Sicilian as White", promises Illingworth.


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