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The authors have studied thousands of games and have identified the patterns that appear frequently in practical play. The book categorizes the different types of Zwischenzugs and distils them into easily accessible themes. The concepts are given catchy names to make them more memorable, and historical details and anecdotes are added throughout the book.

Included is an extensive mix of sample puzzles for learning and practice.

When published on Chessable, the course was received very enthusiastically and awarded an average rating of 4.82 out of a possible five stars. Another welcome effect is that the authors are now finding a lot of Zwischenzugs in their own games!

Natasha Regan is an award-winning chess author, best known for her book Game Changer, co-authored with GM Matthew Sadler. She has represented England at two Chess Olympiads and is also an accomplished Go and shogi player.

Matt Ball is a content creator and chess coach. He holds the FIDE title of National Instructor and is also a regular tournament player. He represented England at the World Senior Team Championship 2022.


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