Paul Powell: The Fighting Dragon


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In The Fighting Dragon, NM Paul Powell takes the second approach. Using a carefully selected collection of short games from international play, Powell shows the dangers that lurk for White in one of the sharpest lines from the whole Sicilian complex, the Yugoslav Attack. In the process, the author lays out a different approach to mastering not just the opening, but both chess and even life itself.

Trying out different ideas is essential to chess improvement, and so The Fighting Dragon showcases a variety of ways for Black to handle White?s responses. After taking in the key concepts, aspiring Dragon players can then deepen their understanding with three dozen critical test positions.

?I will not worry about winning or losing rating points,? writes Powell in the Introduction, ?I will embrace the spirit of a warrior.?  Take up The Fighting Dragon and start your journey.

Paul Powell is a former Delaware state chess champion and the author of Bobby Fischer: 60 More Memorable Games and Chess Profiles: The Rabbit, the Tortoise, and the Gambler. His proudest accomplishment in chess is working his way up from 1100 level to earn the title of Life Master from the U.S. Chess Federation.


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