Sergey Kasparov: Doubled Pawns

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In the first work devoted exclusively to this topic, the author examines the various pawn structures in which doubled pawns appear. He also investigates doubled pawns in the context of specific openings.

Contents include:

  • Doubled Pawns after the Capture g7xf6
  • Doubled Pawns in the Middle of the Board
  • Isolated Doubled Pawns
  • “Spanish” Formations
  • “French” Structures
  • Structures of the Sicilian Defense, Rossolimo Variation
  • Doubled Pawns on the c-file
  • And much more

The discussion and explanation of each topic is carried on in the context of almost 150 annotated games. The author goes about his task in his inimitable style, making for an entertaining yet instructive treatment of his subject matter.

International grandmaster Sergey Kasparov , with his popular writing style and insightful observations, is a favorite author and instructor in contemporary chess circles. Previous books include The Exchange Sacrifice: A Practical Guide (2016); The Dynamic Benko Gambit (2012); Steamrolling the Sicilian (2013); and A Cunning Chess Opening for Black (2015) . He lives with his wife, women’s international master Tatiana Kasparova, in Belarus.


256 Seiten,englisch, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 2017

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