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This book helps to eliminate hours of game study and provides bite-sized lessons and tasks that you can implement each day to improve your chess game over the course of a year. We’ve collected an array of typical positions and situations that are frequently seen on the board so that you can better anticipate common mistakes, as well as teach you how you can exploit your opponent’s mistakes. If you make 5-10 minutes of chess study a daily habit, you will improve your chess game and your “chess brain” by opening your mind to planning and moves you wouldn’t otherwise see on the chess board.

· The core material of this book has 365 positions.

·The reader is given a daily task.

· These tasks resemble those that players face over the board.

· In this book the authors collected typical positions and situations frequently seen

. · If you master these ou can avoid a lot of common mistakes. Or even better, you can exploit your opponent's mistake.

· There is a broad range of subjects covered: well known and less commonly presented patterns.

· The structure of each chapter is clear, methodological and practical. Solving these daily exercises will help add a new dimension to your tactical skills.


258 Seiten, kartoniert, Thinkers Publishing, 1. Auflage 2024

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