Christian Bauer, Pierre Laurent Piaoli :THE MODERNIZED FLANK ATTACK


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It's crucial to remain objective and not get carried away by the excitement of launching an attack, as aggressive pawn pushes can quickly backfire.

The book aims to cover a wide range of chess openings involving g4 (...g5), regardless of whether the idea is strong, interesting, or unadvisable. Over 50 games are analyzed, showcasing different scenarios where the g-pawn push is utilized, including attacking a short-castled king, challenging the stability of a knight on f3 (or ...Nf6), and seizing space on the kingside.

The examples illustrate a mix of these three reasons, with one prevailing in each case.

The authors, Pierre Laurent-Paoli & Christian Bauer, hope readers will enjoy exploring the lines presented in the book and implement them into their own play.


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