Jacob Aagard, Esben Lund, A. Raetzki : Meeting 1 d4 / 1 e4

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Meeting 1 d4:

Are you tired of defending passive or difficult positions with Black? Fed up with having to learn many different defences to all of White's attacks? Then this book is the answer to your problems! Jacob Aagaard and Esben Lund provide an all-in-one solution to the popular opening move 1 d4 and other White systems that do not involve 1 e4. The lines suggested are based around the Tarrasch Defence (1 d4 d5 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 c5). They are easy to learn and fun to play whilst also promising the black player dynamic counterplay. This book is especially useful for players who have neither the time nor inclination to learn reams of the latest opening theory. Throughout this work, the authors delve into the strategies, ideas and tactics for Black, while also showing the possible traps and pitfalls.

  • All possible white openings without 1 e4 are covered
  • Written by a battle-hardened expert
  • Ideal for club and tournament players

Jacob Aagaard is a strong International Master from Denmark who has carved out a deserved reputation as a diligent and outspoken chess author. His earlier opening works, such as Dutch Stonewall, have been widely admired for the clarity of their approach.

Esben Lund is a young Danish international who is well respected as an opening theorist.


Meeting 1 e4:

Fed up having to defend with Black?

Annoyed by all those irritating white systems?

Then this is the book for you!

Russian International Master Alexander Raetsky draws upon his wealth of experience gained playing on the tough international tournament circuit to supply you with an all-in-one solution to your problems. The reader is provided with a complete repertoire for Black against 1 e4, based on the ever-reliable Sicilian Defence. Lines suggested are dependable and promise Black dynamic counterplay. The variations are also easy to learn: this book is especially useful for players who have neither the time nor inclination to learn reams and reams of the latest opening theory.

  • A complete defence to 1 e4
  • Written by a battle-hardened expert
  • Ideas, strategies and tactics discussed for both sides

Alexander Raetsky is a Russian International Master and an experienced competitor on the tournament circuit. He's also a skilled writer and has been a frequent contributor to the famous Russian magazine 64 and the internationally renowned publication New In Chess. This is his first book for Everyman.


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