Sokolov: Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess

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A sacrifice, Sokolov argues, is the natural product of the initiative. This explains why the author devotes a substantial part of the book to this most elusive element of our game. With great clarity he teaches when the initiative is at stake and how you should grab it.

Ivan Sokolov is an International Grandmaster who was born in Bosnia in 1968 and rose to the number 12 spot in the FIDE world rankings. He was Yugoslav champion in 1988 and Dutch champion in 1995 and 1998.

In his rich career Sokolov has beaten world chess champions Garry Kasparov,Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand. His previous books The Strategic Nimzo-Indian, The Ruy Lopez Revisited and Winning Chess Middlegames were widely acclaimed bestsellers.



7 Preface

11 Part 1 Initiative

12 Chapter 1 Ignoring the Threat

23 Chapter 2 Keeping the Momentum

32 Chapter 3 Standard Attacking Plans

48 Chapter 4 Pawn Breaks

53 Chapter 5 Sensing the Moment

60 Chapter 6 Developing for Attack

74 Chapter 7 The Fight for the Initiative

83 Part 2 Sacrifice

84 Chapter 8 The King Chase

93 Chapter 9 The Castled King

142 Chapter 10 The Decoy Sacrifice

154 Chapter 11 King in the Centre

180 Chapter 12 The Sacrifice for Development

212 Chapter 13 Clearance Sacrifices

218 Chapter 14 Pawn Structure Sacrifices

229 Chapter 15 Unexpected Sacrificing Motifs

236 Chapter 16 Intuitive Sacrifices

249 Conclusion

250 Bibliography

251 Index of Names

Figurine Notation, 255 Seiten, 2013, kartoniert, englisch.

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