Romain Edouard : Chess Calculation Training - Vol. 1

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Romain gives you different instructions for each chapter, so you can improve your general thinking from varoius angles - exactly as you would face in your own games! This book is a fantastic training tool for any chessplayer to improve his level of chess thinking. Romain Edouard, with a highest rating of 2702, is part of the French National Team since 2011. As a teenager, he notably won a gold medal in the European U16 Championship in 2006, and silver medals in the Europe and World Championships under 18 in 2007. Since becoming an GM at only 18, he has won numerous international events, including the 2012 Al Ain Open, the 2014 Dubai Open, the 2015 World Open (joint winner) and the 2015 Championship of French-speaking countries in Montreal. Romain is recognised as a dynamic player, striving for the initiative from move 1. Having already written four books, Romain has earned his reputation of being an outstanding author. He is a regular columnist, whose articles appear in the world´s best chess magazines: ChessBase, Europe Echecs and the Swiss Chess Review.


237 Seiten, englisch, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 2017

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